Course Enrollment Dashboard

Bucknell is unique compared to most liberal arts institutions because we have three colleges/schools: Arts and Sciences (A&S), Management and Engineering. We can use data visualization techniques, such as the dashboards below, to determine how much cross-pollination there is between the three colleges, based on the course enrollment flow.

For example, the tool we created allows us to determine A&S student enrollment in courses taught by Engineering faculty or engineering students taking Management courses, etc. In addition, the dashboard provides three different options for viewing the data (the tabs on the top of the dashboard) – flow graph, word cloud and bar graph depending on the user’s preference and the purpose. The three dashboards allow users to visualize the data in three different ways depending on use and/or preference. The first type of dashboard, a diagram called Sankey, works better for a smaller number or courses (ENG & MGMT) and provides a quick visual representation of the data. The Word Cloud and the traditional bar graph work better with a larger number of courses (A&S) and if you want to see a more precise rankings.

The filters on the right hand side allow users to filter course information by term, college, department and course offered . For the Sankey Diagram, the College and the Department filter control the left side of the diagram and the Course Division filter controls the right side of the diagram.

For an interactive version of the Course Enrollment dashboard, please click here.

We hope you find this tool useful. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations.





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